6 Ways A Website Can Help Your Business

6 Ways a Website Can Help your Business

6 Ways a Website Can Help your Business! These days not having a website is to your own detriment. A lot small and medium sized business owners don’t even see the need for a website, because they have been doing things a specific way for years. But more and more people are become digitally savvy and this makes them highly competitive. An increase in online activity means your competition will get more awareness, engagement and conversion of prospective customers than you, even if your product or service is better!

Here is a list of  ways we think you might benefit from a website.

Brand Awareness through Google Searches

Search Engine Optimization

One of our favorite ways a website can help your business is creating brand awareness through search engines like Google. A website that is optimized well for search engines will get a lot of traffic from new visitors.

The truth is, you shouldn’t have to tell someone about your website for them to find it. If you own a Tyre Shop in Kingston, then someone who searches “tyre shops near me” or “tyre shops in kingston”, must see your business showing up on the first page on Google.

Tyre shops in Kingston Google Search
Tyre shops in Kingston Google Search 

Above you will see that A&A Tyre and Vulcanizing is listed first and is probably getting a lot calls and customers from a simple Google search. So don’t miss out!

Think about it. Here you have someone who has never heard of your business, but they found your business online and are ready to buy. Just like that you have moved from making someone aware, to making them a buyer!

So websites will not only boost brand awareness but ultimately boost sales.

How can you get your website ranking on Google though? Well we do this through a process called Search Engine Optimization. This is when we make a adjustments to a website so it is easily found on Google for the relevant search keywords. So please remember to ask about or read up more on SEO when your website is being create or improved.

You can also click here to check out SEO services offered here at Nzuri.


Boost Customer Service

Customer service is a major factor in any company’s ability to convert and retain customers. We currently live in a digital era where many things are possible. Even small companies now have the tools to do amazing things. How can you differentiate yourself from the competition? CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Many companies try to create policies for customer service, bet very little follow through. You can start providing excellent customer service with your website.

A website can provide the first step to excellent customer service. It should have all the relevant information that is useful to prospective website visitors or customers. Include helpful pages like a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. This can answer all the questions they would have otherwise called in to ask, leading to a faster sales conversions.

You can also have other great customer service and resource features such as:

  • Library & Resources
  • Knowledge Base
  • Tutorials
  • Live Chat Customer Care Feature
  • Chatbots

All these are helpful and will give website visitors the nudge they need to trust you and make a purchase. Live Chat is especially helpful. To know that someone is there online to answer any additional questions they might have. We love Tidio for great live chat and chatbot options for your site.


Easy Payments

Payment Methods » Tackle Pick

Online payments make sales hassle free! We are now entering a time where cash is becoming less and less relevant. POS systems and e-commerce is where its at! With a website persons can come online, select the product or services they want, and check out with different options. Whether it be a Debit or credit card, PayPal, Bank Transfer or cash upon delivery/ pick-up.

You can also setup automated features such as tax calculation and shipping cost. All these can be setup when professionals like Nzuri develop your website. We use Woocommerce, which is a top notch ecommerce system for our CMS.

A website makes additional payment types easy as well, such as recurring payments and memberships!


Reviews & Reputation

Do you have a place where everyone can view your positive review and testimonials? Your website is the perfect place. When someone says something positive about your business, then you can publish it on specific pages on your site.  This helps to convince prospective customers and convert them into paying customers.

Reviews about a specific product go great on a landing page. For example if you have a landing page on your site specifically for selling home baked pies, then you can put your home-baked pie reviews on that page so they are relevant.

There is a certain way in which you can make the most impact when requesting reviews though, Our recommendation is to ask all your happy customers to leave 5 star reviews on Google. This way Google will recognize your review and display them on your Google listing. Persons will be able to see your reviews without event clicking on to your site.

Once they leave 5-star Google reviews, you can then publish them by yourself on your website. Please see a snippet of the reviews on our home page below.

Run Paid Google Ads to your landing pages

We spoke first about ranking well on Google with Search Engine Optimization. But you can also run Google ads. This means that for a cost, you can automatically rank on the first page of Google. If done smartly, a website with Google ads attached can give you a great influx of clients from day 1 of launch.

But with Google ads, you pay for each click. This means that you pay every time someone clicks on your Google listing and lands on a specific page. So you have to make sure that you convert as much of the clicks as possible to paying customer with an excellent web page. Google Adwords is what you use to run Google ads!


Gain Audience Insight

This is one of the most amazing thing about having a website. When people search for services and end up on your website or specific web pages, you can gather all of that data. With helpful tools like Google Analytics, you  can capture all sorts of interesting data when traffic comes to your site. Some of these includes:

  • Audience Geographic Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Which keywords they search to end up on your site
  • Which landing page they clicked on
  • How many visitors through any time range or period.
  • How long they spent on specific pages
  • Much More!


This however is raw data! You have to interpret this data and draw conclusions about your audience as well as your website’s overall performance and ability to achieve marketing goals. The point however is that having a website allows you to gain insights into your prospective and existing customers like you never have before.



And to sum it up. Our 6 ways a website can help your business are:

  • Raising Brand Awareness through Google Searches
  • Driving Sales with paid Google Ads
  • Boosting Customer Service with Helpful content and other features such as live chat.
  • Making customer payments easy and online
  • Posting positive reviews and improving overall reputation
  • Gaining audience insight by analyze website traffic data