Reputation Management


Better online reputation means more sales!

Getting online reviews can make a difference between someone who contacts you and someone who doesn’t. Online reviews play a huge role in local SEO. Is your business helpful? Courteous? Useful? Online reviews can help potential customers find that out. But what if nobody is leaving you reviews?

How does it work?

Reputation can make or break a business’ profitability. Even if your not an online business, there are tons of review websites that persons may talk about your business. Bad reviews will greatly affect your ability to gain new customers.

With our reputation management program we run campaigns to encourage positive reviews and systematically address negative reviews by leaving feedback to the complaining customer. Feedback is received on a private branded page. All the good reviewers are then directed to Google reviews, facebook reviews or any site of your choice to leave the review. This is also posted on your own site.

Reputation Recovery

We work to address the major concerns in bad reviews left on major websites such as TripAdvisor, Google Reviews & Facebook.

Display on Site

Our team will compile all of your best reviews and display them on the appropriate pages on your website. This boosts you chance of converting leads to customers

Monthly Report

Each month we will provide a detailed report on reputation recovery and management. To show how our efforts are helping to increase sales online.

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