Fundraiser to Help with Shelton "Tyeke" Williams' Sickle Cell Treatment 🎗️

Shelton's Fundraiser

Shelton Williams suffers from full blown sickle cell, inheriting the gene from both parents. He has already had to undergo multiple hospitalizations and medical procedures to give him as normal life as possible. This includes removal of the spleen and multiple blood transfusions. 

These procedures are not cheap however, and his parents are seeking financial assistance to help this fun loving child who has a big heart and a great passion for life and learning.

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Fundraising Goal USD $10,000
Fund Raising Goal 6.45%

$646.54 raised out of $10,000

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Rajesh Guyah (CEO & FOUNDER)

Nzuri Web Services
St. Catherine, JM

Who we are
Nzuri Web Services is a Jamaican based marketing company who focuses on web development consultancy for small businesses.

Why we are helping
We have access to online platforms such as this which we see as an opportunity to give back to communities by helping persons such as Shelton get the help they need.

Thank you S&B Car Rental! <3

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